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(Biologische Blumenzwiebeln - Bulbes biologiques - Biologische bloembollen)

Tuesday, July 29th, 2003: we have just finished harvesting our tulip and daffodil bulbs!
The first bulbs will be ready for shipping by Monday, 4th August 2003.

Most of our bulbs are not only suited for autumn planting, but for the production of certified organic flowers as well.
We still have several hundred thousand bulbs available.
We welcome importers from all over the world to request quotes for this high quality crop.
We are ready to make contracts for next year as well.

Thumbnails of our organic flowering bulbs (Thumbnails - Miniatures)
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Slideshow of our organic flowering bulbs (Diashow - Suite de photos)
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Flowering Bulb

Tulipa = tulip = Tulpe = tulipe = tulp = tulipo = tulpan = tulipano = tulipán = tulipan = chuurippu
Narcissus = daffodil = Narzisse = Osterglocke = narcisse = narcis = narciso = narcyz = nergis = zerrin = fulya = nárcisz = narcisz = narciss = suisen = shuixian
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